Nevermoor - Book Review

Nevermoor - The Trial’s of Morrigan Crow, by Jessica Townsend. This story is about a girl called Morrigan Crow. Morrigan Crow is going to die on Eventide. She is blamed for all of the towns misfortunes like heart attacks, injuries and damaged property. She is listed in the Cursed Child Register. Until Jupiter North offers her a place in the Wundrous Society, she knows her fate is coming.

If Morrigan is not granted a place in the society she will have to go back home to Barclaytown. She has to pass four difficult tests to get in to the top nine. There is the book trial, the chase trial, the fright trial and finally the show trial. In the book trial Morrigan has to answer questions the book asks of her. In the fright trial she has to follow the candles. There are different paths of candles to follow. She has to follow the path that she thinks is right. The fright trail is in the cemetery.

In the chase trial Morrigan has to go in a group of five and hit one of the different coloured rings with her hand. The rings on the outer edge are more frequent than the rings in the center. In the middle there are four golden rings that will secure her place in the show trial and also get to have a feast with the Elder's. In the show trial she has to show off her strange skill.

The Elder's give the competitors a score and put them on the leaderboard if they have the top nine scores. After the fourth trial she meets Ezra Squall the Wundersmith. He takes her to Crow Manor and shows her how to be a Wundersmith like himself. I would recommend this book to people who like Fantasy or Adventure stories. This book will catch your attention.  Book Review, by Lewis

Night at the Library...

Tonight was our first 'Night at the Library,' to coincide with BDS' National Book Night!

We explored the 'new' library space in our pj's to hunt for clues.  Did you see a walking skeleton?

Then we tested our book knowledge with a game of Kahoot and read books.

Check out the map to see who participated in Book Night click here.

'I liked the scavenger hunt in the hall.  It was cool, we had to find the pictures.  I read Kiss, Kiss, Yuck Yuck and The Very Hungry Caterpillar and lots more.  I would go again, it was so much fun!  Next time we could have food and drink in the hall.' Charlotte, Haumia-tiketike

'I liked the hall scout because you had to find clues.  I read the picture clue cards in the hall.  I would come again because it was fun!  The best part was the Kahoot book quiz.  Next time I would like to play Star Wars chess.'  Abe, Haumia-tiketike

May The Fourth Be With You!

On May the Fourth we had some new Star Wars books on display in the library.  To test how much we knew about Star Wars we played Kahoot!

Did you learn any new facts?

Georgina, our Caretaker, made a papier mache R2D2...