Roblox & Minecraft Madness....

I think it's going to be a chilly holiday coming up.  Do you love Minecraft and Roblox? 

We have some new Roblox and Minecraft books in our library.  Click here to fill in a form and go into the draw to be one of the first students to get your hands on one of these books for the up-in-coming holidays!  Books will be issued to these lucky students next week.

My favourite is 'Mobestiary.'  I don't know a lot about all of the mobs in Minecraft and this book is like menu full of tasty treats!

Mobs are divided up into categories - passive mobs, neutral mobs, utility mobs, hostile mobs, tameable mobs and boss mobs.  Did you know that a Guardian won't die if removed from water?  Each page has information relevant to each creature.  All of the information in this book has been collated by explorers known as Naturalists.  They've ventured out on expeditions to discover facts about these creatures.

This is the first book I've come across that has information about every mob in Minecraft.  The illustrations are by Anton Stenvall and they are simply superb!  It looks like black pen, or indian ink and a range of muted dyes.  Prints from this book are on sale to raise money for charity.  I wouldn't mind owning one of these prints!

Take the Chill out of Winter!

It's getting icy and chilly outside.  Jack Frost is definitely out and about in the mornings.  Why not take that chill out of Winter and read a good book!

Some books are very popular and the best way to get your hands on some books is to Reserve them.

How to Reserve:

*Reserve a book/s when you're next in the library

*Reserve book/s using our library Web App -

You all have a library login and password to log into the Library Web App.

If you've forgotten your login come and see us.  I've embedded a video that has instructions on how to Reserve a book - if you scrub along the video to 1 minute 40 seconds.  It is very easy to Reserve books!

Challenge: Recreate a Book Cover!

Do you have a favourite book?

This is your chance to recreate a book cover!

Remember it needs to be a book.  It also must be appropriate to recreate.  You may know of the book 'I need a New Bum,' please reframe from trying to replicate this book cover!

Post your photo on your school blog or SeeSaw. 

Title for your Post: Recreate a Book Cover!

Write a blurb to tell us why you chose this book and anything of interest you want to share, like did you make some of the props...